About Us

Who is Madame Jazzy?

While working as a software engineer, Madame Jazzy started her homemade recipes as a hobby way back in 2015. Initially selling a few jars of Burong Hipon and Dulong in Garlic & Olive Oil to her close circle of friends, people craved for more after getting the taste of its unique and organic flavor. 

It was a eureka moment for Madame Jazzy to share her recipes to the world. Since then, Madame Jazzy has sold thousands of jars and has expanded her line of products to fruit jams and other familiar homemade recipes but with a “Jazzy” twist! 🙂

Buy Local...

As a small local business, Madame Jazzy buys local for her fresh and organic ingredients direct from the farmer’s market. This way, we will not only help local communities and small businesses; but at the same time ensures that our homemade products will truly represent that familiar yet unique luto ni nanay flavor.

Madame Jazzy is a proud local brand – so buy local and help the community!